What is WolfPak Labs all about? We are a pack of strong individuals. Our expertise ranges from Software Engineering, Graphic Designs, User Experience Designs, Marketing, Business Development to Product Development, and more. The team brings professional expertise from top companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intuit, CBS Interactive, Salesforce, Verizon Communications and others. As a team, we are stronger and better than individuals.

Together as a team we work on projects and ideas that we believe in. We pull together our talents to design, build, and market the product. We create multiple teams that work on different projects and ideas simultaneously. By using agile methodology, we get products quick to market, test their viability, make them successful or move on to the next one if they aren’t.

Our mission is to gather the best talents and create an environment for them to work and build on products that they are passionate about. We understand how it is important for those who work hard to get rewarded for what they do and allow them to grow and incubate their talents to become better at what they want to do.

Our values:
Integrity without compromise: We hold ourselves to the highest standards in what we say and do. We will do what is in the best interest of our stakeholders and be direct and honest.

Finding the right people: It isn’t just finding the best people, but also finding the right people. Those who are willing to learn, and build their talents.

Passion: We work on what we are passionate about. If we are not passionate about it, we won’t be doing a good job.

Value: Create value for our stakeholders. Whatever we do, we are dedicated to create values for our investors, employees, and our customers.

Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. We encourage to think outside of the box and take a risk.

Reward: We believe in rewarding those who perform and making sure that they can continually grow.

Leadership board
Jimmy Hua – CEO & Lead Engineer